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Hardcore music group

Orthrelm is Mick Barr of CHROM-TECH on guitar and occasional vocals and Josh Blair of ABCs on trap set, two amazingly talented musicians with a drive to play ten second masterpieces with the same amount of notes as some three minute rock songs. Upon seeing them live at a show with Wolf Eyes, Lightning Bolt, Arab on Radar and The Locust I was struck dumb. With a precision of playing reminiscent of the bridge in the Crimson King song 21st Century Schizoid Man, Orthrelm's incredibly quick tunes maintain perfect synchronicity between the guitar and the drums, with Barr and Blair hardly ever glancing in each other's direction. It is as though they play with the assistance of ESP.

Currently Barr and Blair as Orthrelm have two hardcore albums out. Iorxhscimtor was released in June of 2001 under the Tolotta label, and Asristir Veildroixe was released in January of 2002 under the Troubleman Unlimited label. Arsristir Veildroixe boasts ninety-nine songs on one side of a 12" vinyl etched by Mick Barr himself.

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