This is a game invented by my three sisters when they were all kids. Late at night, when they were supposed to be asleep, they'd play it. The rules are very simple:

One person asks the person next to them "Which would you rather do..." and then offers two disgusting courses of action. The person they ask has to pick one. Everyone must then imagine it for a while, and go "ewwwwwwwwww", or something similar. That's it, your turn's up, the next person asks somebody else. Easy.

The game usually involved snot, bogeys (the UK meaning of the word - US folk see booger), and diarrhoea - these always seemed to come in bucketfulls, baths, or swimming pools. Example: "What would you rather do, swim through a swimming pool of diarrhoea, or drink a whole bucket of snot?"

An interesting variation can be found here - although it's more of a moral, "Scruples" type of dilemma. No bogeys in sight - for shame...

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