For the uninitiated, this question actually originates in the very first South Park "episode", "The Spirit of Christmas":

Stan: Wait, wait, just a second. Now we've got to think here. Now let's see. What would Brian Boitano do?
Cartman: Yeah. What would Brian Boitano do?
    Music. Brian Boitano appears.
Brian: Did someone say my name?
Cartman: Brian Boitano!
Kyle: What incredible irony!
Cartman: Yeah, it's Brian Boitano!
Brian: What's going on, kids?
Stan: Okay, Brian? Who would you help in a fight, Jesus or Santa Claus?
Brian: shouldn't think of things like that. This is the one time of year when we all try to get along, no matter what we believe in. This is the season just to be good to each other. Bi-eee!
    Brian skates away.

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