Jebus was the ancient name of what is today the city of Jerusalem. This means that the people who lived there were called (I am not making this up) the Jebusites. This name was used until approximately 1400 B.C., when the Israelites entered Canaan. Here is a complete list of the times this name appears in the Bible (NIV translation):

You know, before I found E2, I never would have imagined that other people use “Jebus” as an exclamation the way QXZ and I started to after we saw this episode. But the above information, which I recently discovered quite by accident, was just one more piece of confirming evidence for me that Homer is a misunderstood genius.

"Missionary Impossible" (#BABF11 - 20Feb2000)

Homer pledges $10,000 to PBS. When they try to collect on it, he joins the Peace Corps to hide from them.

The one gag which stands out as funnier than the rest of the show combined, for pure instant laughs as well as staying power and repeatability is this one:

Homer: ...wait, I'm no missionary! I don't even believe in Jebus! Let me out!
Pilot: Sorry. No can do.
Homer:(Tries to open door, is thwarted by lock) Oh, save me Jebus!

Later, Homer's voice is heard on Reverend Lovejoy's radio:

Homer: Jebus? Where are you? Homer to Jebus! (groan)...

This gag was in fact so enjoyed by someone with too much time on his hands that an entire "Jebus Saves You" site was created at

It's worth a laugh; go have a look while it's still up!

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