A little known fact: The CBG was inspired by a guy who lived on Hank Azaria's freshman-year dormitory hall.

Allegedly, this fat sarcastic star trek fan was obnoxious enough to have a list of people's names (of people who lived on the hall) attached by velcro to a board ranking them in his opinion. If you did something he didn't like, your name slipped down a number of places.

Some memorable quotes:
"So... do you enjoy comic books?" -- CBG mass married to a random partner by the movementarians.
"I am smart. Much smarter than you. Hibbert!" -- sung to Dr. Julius Hibbert during the mensa episode.
"Oh, I've wasted my life." -- the French fire a nuclear missle at Springfield after Mayor Diamond Joe Quimby refuses to take back an insult. (It happens to hit the CBG).

"one of the funniest characters in the Simpsons show, the Comic Book Guy (we haven't been told his name...yet)"

"yet" is correct, as in a recent interview with Matt Groening it has been revealed that CBG's name is in fact, Louis Lane, an obvious parody of Lois Lane, Superman's Love Interest/Girlfriend/Wife.

This was found at http://nohomers.net/cbg/, a site which also reveals such facts as CBG's prize possession, which is a rare copy of Mary Worth in which Mary advises a friend to commit suicide, and an image of a room in CBG's house, which includes a photo of Sean Connery signed by Roger Moore.

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