Comic book character owned by DC Comics. One of the oldest comics characters around, she was introduced for the first time, along with her perpetual love interest Superman, in 1938's Action Comics #1.

Lois has always been considered Superman's Girlfriend -- for many years, that was all she was, chasing obsessively after the Man of Steel, trying to reveal his secret identity, falling off buildings, getting rescued, and trying to get Superman to marry her.

Eventually, DC grew up in the way it portrayed Lois. She became a former "army brat" who had enough smarts and survival skills to hold her own against most mundane villains, though Supes still gets to save her from the superhuman bad guys. Her status as a superstar reporter for the Daily Planet was also solidified -- in the old days, she was a glorified society editor; nowadays, she actually goes out and gets the big stories -- if not for his superspeed, Clark Kent would never be able to scoop her.

In the current DC continuity, Lois knows that Superman is Clark Kent -- in fact, they finally got married a few years ago. In addition to reporting, she has also published a number of mystery novels.

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