Disco Stu is a Character on The Simpsons voiced by Hank Azaria. Disco Stu is just one of the plethora of hilarious minor characters on the Simpsons that make the show so great. While Stu has become somewhat of a staple in the show, his first appearance occurred in the episode entitled "Two Bad Neighbors." In this episode the Simpsons participate in a rummage sale and George Bush moves into the posh house across the street.

As Marge and Homer were going through old items in the attic, they ran across an old denim jacket which Homer had decorated with his "Rhinestone Nights Fashion Gun." Marge notices what is written on the jacket and the following conversation takes place:

    Marge: Who's "Disco Stu?"

    Homer: Oh, er, I wanted to write "Disco Stud," but I ran out of space...not that "Disco Stu" didn't get his share of the action.

During the rummage sale Ned Flanders holds up Homer's jacket as two friends walk by (one in plain clothes and one in a gaudy disco outfit). The plain-clothesed friend says to they other, "Stu, you should buy that!" The friend in a disco outfit replies in a calm and cool voice reminiscent of Fonzie, "Hey, Disco Stu doesn't advertise." Thus, Disco Stu is born.

A bit later in the episode Homer gives a rendition of the disco favorite "Stayin' Alive," with his own lyrics of course, and Disco Stu begins dancing in the street. When Homer stops singing Stu clears his throat and says, "Disco Stu likes disco music."

Here is a list of the episodes in which Disco Stu has appeared (found on The Simpsons Archive):

  • 3F09           First cool appearance. (noted above)
  • 3F18           Seen laughing at uncool Nelson.
  • 4F05           Seen dancing in cool street party.
  • 4F06           Seen in cool burlesque house.
  • 4F08           Selling cool disco academies franchises. (While wearing platform shoes with dead goldfish in them.)
  • 5F04           Seen in uncool rejection section at cool bachelor auction.
  • 5F05           Seen at cool meeting of Apocalypse.
  • 5F10           Seen leaving Moe's right before cool Canyanero song.
  • 5F12           Has own cool discotheque.
  • BABF01      Seen looting cool laundry.
  • BABF02      Seen at cool gameshow.
  • BABF04      Seen trying to pick up Marge at cool ski resort.
  • BABF06      Seen at cool religious revival.
  • BABF20      Seen at cool area code meeting.
  • CABF06      Seen on cool skating rink.
  • CABF15     Seen at cool Praiseland park, then cool Disco Heaven!
  • DABF03     Seen in cool human pyramid.
  • DABF03     Got hooked on the white stuff during the 1970s.
  • DABF04     Seen at cool retro-70s high school prom.
  • DABF08     Seen in cool ancient Greece as cool Discus Stu.
  • DABF11     Seen at cool PHISH concert.
  • DABF14     Seen rollerblading at cool Civil War re-enactment.
  • DABF19     Seen at cool gun rally, later as cool Disco Shrew.
  • DABF22     Seen in cool taxicab. Actually hates disco music.
  • EABF04     Scene in Moe's cool bar.
  • EABF06     Seen at Homer's cool church party.
  • EABF08     Seen at cool lupus run.
  • EABF11     Seen at cool park.

Sources: The Simpsons Archive (http://www.snpp.com/guides/discostu.html) & TheSimpsons.com

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