...over to my house!

Those are lyrics. Perhaps not many have heard the achingly stupid song by Canadian (how degrading) boy band B4-4. It's called "Get Down". I really don't have all of the lyrics and I couldn't find them, but let's just say they talk about having oral sex, mentioning that it will somehow "set your spirit free". Whatever, you know? Here's a taste:
If you get down on me
I'll get down on you
I will do anything that you want me to
It's a game of give and take to make it through
So, if you get down on me
I'll get down on you tonight
Yeah. I hear they tried to say it had something other than a sexual innuendo, and then I laughed. Ah well, they're young, they probably don't even know what they're singing anyway. Regardless, I really wish these boy groups would stop springing up all over the place, damn it, there are enough already!

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