Por ejemplo:
"Secretary, please come and take dictation."
"Frankly, you look good enough to eat."
"You just stay right there and let me slip into something more comfortable."
aural sets

Or, if you prefer James Bond:
"You always were a cunning linguist, James."
"I thought Christmas only came once each year."
A poem that I once printed in our dorm newsletter, the BFD
Feb 4, 1994

A Nice Poem

Me and my girl were riding in my truck
She turned to me and said "would you like to ...

turn on the AC?" as she rolled up the glass
My hand wandered over and started feeling her ...

long flowing hair, which was definitely the best
As she reached up and stretched, I could see her taught...

arms. She had a dazed look in her eye, like she was dreamin
She looked at me and asked "Can I drink your ...

leftover Coke? Looks like you don't want it"
And her hand reached down to finger her ...

keys. We headed back early, because it was Lent.
Riding with my girl always leaves me ....


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