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GNU BFD is the GNU Binary File Descriptor library. Its primary purpose is to provide a unified interface to different binary file formats. Specifically, it allows a program to access a.out, COFF, and ELF binaries the same way.

GNU BFD is used by the binutils package, as well as the GNU linker ld.

The name BFD came from a conversation David Wallace was having with Richard Stallman about the library: RMS said that it would be quite hard--David said "BFD".

BFD stands for Big Fucking Deal. For example, let's use this conversation from a typical American family:

"Timmy's got a D minus in Math, John. Aren't you going to help him? Turn off that goddman tube!"

"Mom, I'm fine. Who needs to know that shit anyways?"

"Jeff, go make your son do his work!"

"Timmy's got a D- in Math. BFD. When I was his age, I was stealing computers from little old ladies on a regula' basis. Come on!"


This node just got downvoted. BFD.

(See also big deal, who cares?).

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