Elderly human females. They drive very slowly in big white Cadillacs. They like to knit and watch "The Price is Right." They do lots of volunteer work at the church. They cook delicious cookies and pies. Some of them live in nursing homes, where they sit and rock and watch the world pass them by. Many of them have outlived their husbands and some of their children. Be nice to them; they could be someone's grandmother.

most little old ladies are cool. theyr'e the kind of people who've dealt with bullshit all their lives and they've had just about enough. they tell their sons/daughters to shut up when it called for, they buy their grandkids candy before dinner (someone has to) and they usually don't give a rat's ass about the little petty things. as they see it, they've had a good life so why waste the rest of it sweating the petty things, or for that matter petting the sweaty things (sorry, i couldn't resist). little old ladies often have the insight that we wish we had (but will only have when we're their age), and always know the exact right thing to say to us when we're either confused, distraught, worried, or bothered by something.

my grandmother is a little old lady, and you know what, even though she may be old, i think that she'd be proud to be called one. my grandmother is one of the coolest people i know. she's strong beyond belief, becasue she's seen so much hurt and pain, along with joy in her life that she knows how to deal with it all. she lost my grandfather a few years ago, and misses him incredibly. not that she didn't before, but since then she's gained a new love for the rest of our family. we're all that she has left, honestly. and for that i'm proud. she's been a great grandmother, and so yes, as Jet-Poop says: be nice to them, they could be someones grandmother.

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