A series of mix records from Dutch label Black Hole Records run by DJ Tiësto. Currently has three albums bearing the name, of which the first two are trance very much like the usual stuff Tiësto puts out. The third installment, a cooperative work between Tiësto and DJ Montana, is different, with a distinctive hardhouse feel, moving along the lines of progress that have emerged for electronic dance [music in the Scandinavian underground during the last few years.
Other works by Tiësto include the Forbidden Paradise series, the critically acclaimed Magik series, and the two In Search for Sunrise albums.

Technically the Space Age is the period of time beginning in 1957 (when the first spacecraft began to orbit the Earth) to the present.

The term Space Age has become overused -- much like the state of the art. Thousands (and probably hundreds of thousands) of products have claimed to be "space age designs" or made from "space age materials". The space age claims aren't solely for electronics as you might suspect -- now we have space age food, space age knives, space age cleaning fluids, and even space age credit unions.

At one time attaching the phrase to a product might have brought some mystique and further interest. Nowadays it's almost laughable. Space age materials and technology can be up to 45 years old. What's so new and exciting about that?

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