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"Of all that befell the Romans and Carthaginians, good or bad, the cause was one man and one mind---Hannibal." --Polybius, Roman historian
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The following is present for hysterical reasons only:

Perhaps some kind of relevant statement should go here... I intend to go forth and node, but what scared me a little was the fact that when I noded stuff that I thought was interesting but no one else in the E2 community cared about (electronic music), they were downvoted to -I and left to rot. I'm not whining, but I am saying that I'll concentrate on other types of nodes for a while... Military stuff seems to be rather popular...

OK, seems I've gotten on the everything communitys good side... nodes like bullshit detector and duck, you sucker have gotten pretty good responses... the only question remaining is: what do I need to do to get a genuinly kick-ass node... Play it again, Sam got chinged and hit rep 16... but that's as high as I think it's going to go... but I still feel like I'm proving that the old adage that Factual noding gets you nowhere is wrong.