While reading the local newspaper, I came across the following article, which was a welcome relief to the sad news of two young drivers, recent high school graduates who died despite wearing seat belts, in the middle of a sunny Monday.

After reading about holiday tree sales benefiting the homeless and the importance of shopping locally, it gave me some hope that even in death, bears can help law enforcement officers. This is also timely given the popping up of signs for and against the local annual bear hunt. Personally, I have no strong feelings either way at the current time. (Could it be the Methodist Social Principles?) For the record, I am not opposed to guns, nor hunting if the applicable rules are followed. I have ████████ certain information to protect the innocent-until-proven-guilty suspect, as well as the authorities involved:

███ █████ – A discovery of a dead bear here Wednesday morning triggered an investigation that led authorities to charge a borough man with numerous hunting violations. A black bear weighing about 300 pounds had been shot and was motionless on ███████ Road when a passing motorist reported it early in the morning, according to Police Chief ███████ ███████. Police Sgt. ██████ █████ launched an investigation with assistance from Special Officer ████ ████ and Conservation Officer ██████ ██████ of the ███ ██████ ████████ ██ ████ ███ ████████ (███), leading to the identification of a suspect. The suspect, ████ █. ████, 49, of ███ █████, was arrested after providing police with statements that implicated himself as the shooter, ███████ said. █████ was charged with several violations of ███ statutes, including: killing a black bear during closed season, hunting a black bear before legal hunting hours, possession of a loaded firearm within 450 feet of an occupied building, and using an illegal missile while hunting black bear, ███████ said. █████ was also charged with a petty disorderly persons offense of disorderly conduct, the chief said. █████ was processed and released on his own recognizance, with an appearance in Municipal Court scheduled for this month. The bear was released to ████ ███ ████ officers and transported to ███████ for further investigation.

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