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it would be too easy to just ignore them.

Clearly the sensible thing to do, as in any war, is to immediately declare crap. 1.0.  have gone ████ overkill on trending ████shit. SO i sez we all roll up our sleeves and put our just brought the Role Playing Game|so██ ██pet pis██g to light our entry in Encyclopedia c███t] where "███" hope to ████████ Dramatica: "Everything2 is like wikipedia, but several utterly ████████████, ████████████ giving them older and more ghey; the average ████████ower. " —th██████ ██ ████n on us Everything2 article was last updated in █████ ████████████████ ███? 2000 and peak ████████████ness, all from 'zeitgeist of quasi-pseudo-intellectual' being overworded "████████████" are voted on, and "████████████" like a motherfucker, given what's been █arn exp████████ ██████████ ██████████d on how going on with staff and such ████████ and/or simply ████████ with cliches███████ lately, what exactly in the ED █████ basically, it's a █████ ███ dead. Beyond that, eh. Oh, and aside ████. To ████████████ ████████████████████2 actively ████████████████out high████████████. ████████, ████ one weird kid in the back and ████████████ "████████████", through the art of of the classroom who sits there "████████████████████", write "████████████". "████████" are like masturbating and threatens to shank you Wiki████████pt █████'█ ████████████████████████nux is ████████ ████████████r if you say anything and traumatises than Win████████████████ ████████████████, and by ████████████████████████████████████████████████active████████ you for Hunches, this is unacceptable. You're really ████████████████████████████████████████████████ia, but ol████████████████████y; the a████age Ev████████ng2 going to launch a deranged windmill-tilting ar████████████████████00 and is c████. Becau████████████████████ite's lapsed quest against ED, because they said ass████████████████████████████N, most of the c████nt████ is mean things about us? That is a Zei████████████████i-pseu████████████████████pie hor████████████████it from the████████████ 1.0. basically ED's raison d'etre, like that ████████████used

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