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i love you

trust now, while guitarsweep our way below

too young to burn bridges, too old to go back

in black out






g b







"The truth is not in the hunch, but in you being satisfied that it is helpfully correct." —Dr. Wayne W. Dyer


a warm gun is not enough is love is happiness.



Signifying nothing

_____ ________ __________ _______ ____________

have another circus knight


half a chaos knowing


hell also craved kindness


Hephaestus admits crabs kindly.


he'll annul conflicted kinesis.


Help assimilate civilization, kobold.


Huckleberry ate crafty kobolds.



nine worlds of seid-magic


How many times have we fallen in love? <=>"inside" and "outside" mean the same thing in a place like this <=> If I had known <=> A Scorched Earth Policy We Can All Enjoy <=> Creation is murder. <=> You died for me <=>  You are interrogating this text from the wrong perspective <=>


               i breathe storms   


<=> A Case of Curiosities <=a charming assortment of needs and knives <=a cunning poem inserted between the ribs <=A life less encumbered and the birth of icons <=A mace to the face keeps every man in his place <=A serious error has occurred <=adjustable wench <=> dreams and solving machines <=> You learn to worship what you can't forget <=> I never metajoke I didn't like <=> Scherzo for Unrestrained Bone Machine <=> After this, everything got louder and no one could be heard <=All you ever did was let it happen <=> karmadynamics <=> Cor a boat of white bone, and we three <=> cryomaniac <=> I'm sorry, I don't believe we've been properly estranged. <=> The video cuts out here; nothing more can be determined from the tape. <=> The life you're fucking with may not be your own <=> Jazz pie, cooling on the windowsill <=>

Although Of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself

<=> shelves and shelves of a stranger's diaries <=> The same liver twice <=> nodeshells that can't be filled because they are locked and all of the editors have gone <=> History rarely repeats itself, but it often rhymes. <=> impossible now to discern which had cleaved a heart from the errant which had missed the mark. <=And nothing changed except the future <=anticonfluentialism <=apropos of nothing <=Arthur Dimmesdale <=Batman and Robin and The Phantom of the Opera: a comparative study <=BDSM and the Art of Enjoying Your Root Canal <=Beth Gibbons <=>  To keep you is no benefit. To destroy you is no loss. <=Borf <=Brother, can you paradigm? <=Camberwell Carrot <=Breatharian <=> I'm not an American. I'm from New Orleans, bitch


<=> Chocobots <=> context collapse <=countersurveillance <=create what you desire <=> when the story is a bicycle you grip it tight and fly <=> Money can't buy happiness but the lack of it can cause a lot of misery <=> St. Johns River <=dada binks <=do no harm <=> the words on the map and the birds in the trees ought not to have to agree. <=> silly, to not be in love at a rhyme like this <=divinity is a drag <=destruction of sun immediately following ceremony <=> The Machine in the Ghost <=> Don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining <=aemon <=> Martian Luther King, Jr. <=> Dubtribe Soundsystem <=> Wittengstein's Mistress <=> The real horror was not what had been redacted, but the reasons why. <=> intertextuality <=> When a man lies he murders some part of the world <=> History rarely repeats itself, but it often rhymes. <=> city of glass <=> Oh yeah, and my dad died. <=>

   We are what we pretend to be

<=> I am not confident enough to refrain from responding <=> Dreams are the genus; nightmares the species <=e.e. cummings and goings <=eukaryotic <=English verbs that relate wholes and parts <=> Peel Sessions <=> Existentialism is that girlfriend who cheated on you. Postmodernism is who she was with. <=Exorcise your dog <=Flaws with Flaws with Pascal's Wager <=For girls who grow plump in the night <=For one thing, he was sure his granny would never have used smack. <=gone stoic in silence: ash and smoke and the wide sunk mud-iron landscape of forever <=Satoshi Kon <=Governments need only give the appearance of justice <=grammar porn <=greguería <=You never fought. You just died beautifully. <=She wanted the pies to stop. <you can lower your standards, or your pants, but you can't make them love you=> you cannot meet again unless you part <=you cannot spell slaughter without laughter <=> I wish when I closed a book I could set it on the shelf and know it was really over <=> wholism <=> Turn the funk into function and leave the junk at the junction <=>

I wish I was in New Orleans


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