Write it again. Print it out; rip it up; throw it out; delete the file. Write it again.

Write it in the past. Write it in the future. Write it from every point of view you can imagine, especially first-person omnicient. Change your characters into monkeys and write it one more time. Now change the ending. Make your bad guys more compassionate and your good guys curse more. Pick a character to be a closet pothead--drop one teeny hint of said characteristic and leave it alone. No, now delete it. Write it again.

Write for hours about the color blue of the bathroom paint where the girl throws up. Try to make it vital to the ending. Put a suitcase in every chapter. Spend three weeks daydreaming about how to rationally explain killer trees that scream and eat people; when you finally get it worked out, discard the idea in favor of an invading race of mages from the dark side of the moon. Let the good guys win for a draft. Scribble an entire planet's economic flow on a dinner napkin. Invent a new species every few days until nothing bothers you. Then throw it out, and--you guessed it--write it again.

Extend this dialog for a few years and, if you were ever curious, you'd know what it was like to write stories. Or you could just FUQing forget it and go get some more coffee.

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