One of the campaign slogans for the US Navy.

Supposedly your life is boring, so go on a boating adventure, and they'll help you. A commercial that makes you think for a few seconds, reflect on your life, wonder if you did anything worthwhile, or are embarrassed at how little you've done with your time. All-nighter coding doesn't match up to some of what you see in the commercials involving helicopters and parachutes and powerboats.

The Navy knows how to advertise, because it makes you suddenly ambitious, of course as you're thinking about this, you see images of adventure on the TV screen, in front of you.

The phrase is, however, insightful, and a great thing to say in the chatterbox, gets a plethora of answers.

You do know what a plethora is, don't you? or do you just upvote me for my articulateness? Flattering.

SINRABIES says re If somebody wrote a book about your life, would anybody want to read it?: i know this node is really old and you probably dont use this site anymore, but my computer wont let me write on e2 so i wanted to say this. it is my duty in life to make people want to read about my life, im gonna climb everest im gonna own a giraffe, i may even practise poligamy, this node wasnt about any of this but i just wanted someone to know

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