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1 helicopter   e2node
2 autorotation   e2node
3 helicopter etiquette   e2node
4 crashing a helicopter in Central London is illegal (idea) archiewood writeup
5 black helicopters (thing) LukeyBoy writeup
6 Conspiracy Theory: Black Helicopters (idea) Roninspoon writeup
7 gunship   e2node
8 Airwolf   e2node
9 UH-1 Iroquois   e2node
10 AH-1W Super Cobra   e2node
11 Thunderwolf Heavy Lift Helicopter (thing) Triune writeup
12 Helicopter ejection seat   e2node
13 Helicopter String Quartet (thing) Slothrup writeup
14 Helicopter lift control (thing) archiewood writeup
15 Dissymmetry of lift (idea) archiewood writeup
16 Helicopter yaw control (idea) archiewood writeup
17 Helicopter pitch control (thing) archiewood writeup
18 Mast bumping (idea) archiewood writeup
19 Retreating blade stall (idea) archiewood writeup
20 Transverse flow effect (idea) archiewood writeup
21 No Tail Rotor (thing) archiewood writeup
22 synchropter (thing) AsianAstronaut writeup
23 Vortex ring state (idea) archiewood writeup
24 Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (thing) Reto writeup
25 helicopter parents (thing) borgo writeup
26 The Helicopter Museum (place) cantdance writeup
27 Mi-24 Hind (thing) archiewood writeup
28 When the Blackhawks Fly (idea) Epsilon writeup
29 AH-64D Apache Longbow (thing) AnacondaHL writeup
30 AH-64 Apache (thing) lordaych writeup
31 A short tale of pilots and helicopters (idea) archiewood writeup
32 Kamov Ka-26 Hoodlum (thing) Capone writeup
33 Black Hawk Down   e2node
34 Eurocopter Tiger (thing) mllwswpr writeup
35 Ka-27 Helix (thing) Capone writeup
36 Mi-28 Havoc   e2node
37 UH-60 Black Hawk   e2node
38 Ka-50 Hokum   e2node
39 autogyro (thing) jmpz writeup
40 Choplifter   e2node
41 Igor Sikorsky   e2node
42 MH-53 Pave Low   e2node
43 Vic Morrow (person) kthejoker writeup
44 How to survive a helicopter mishap (idea) Yurei writeup