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Last year, user Rapscallion, a mathematician friend and I were at Toronto's Nuit Blanche, a free all-night art event. I make it my habit at Nuit Blanche to generally lay hands on as much random crap as I can, and my haul wasn't bad: two energy drinks, a giant pamphlet about a chess game between John Cage and Marcel Duchamp, some postcards and... well, this. We noticed it sticking out of the bushes on Bay St. and I tucked it away to transcribe in the morning. White pages stapled haphazardly together, we initially thought it was some sort of primary school project. Gradually it became obvious that the author was much older and probably new to literacy.

The following, to the word, is what we found. Translations, as best we can guess at them, are included. Feel free to send your suggestions.

Why am I publishing this on Everything2? Hard to say, but certainly not to poke fun at its crude spelling or religious message. I was moved in a serious way by this. It is authentic and sad, and somebody's labourously transcribed life story doesn't deserve to stay lost in the refuse of downtown Toronto.

Originally I had some pipe links in the text below, but I've taken most of them out. It just doesn't feel right to annotate these words not my own.

Title Page

Trow Th Pane Joe

to: My torw love
you alredy now how you are

Through the Pain, Joy
To: my one true love
(You already know who you are)

Page 1 

My life is at stack
a Few Minits I take
to get to you Joles I love
you are problume is

My life is at stake,
A few minutes I take
To get to you, Joles, whom I love.
Your problem is...
ofen Boowe I at Mit to you I love you
So there is So manny things
we need to say I want you backe
to thinkgs and probluems we
need to let go. the love we have
is ashily stong the love
we bling is never so rong
because the felings I have fo you
are never so ronge Joles
Even though I admit to you I love you,
So there are so many things
We need to say. I want you back.
So many things and problems we
Need to let go of. The Love we have
Is really strong; the love
We (???) is never so wrong
Because the feelings I have for you
Are never so wrong, Joles.
I love you always will
I have you baby Im going
so crazzy, Im in love with
you Thers something
I have to and mind (I doited on you
I feel so bad like)
I Wahant to die I rilly thot that

Ploss was the giy Becoues
I love you. Always will.
I have you, baby. I'm going
So crazy, I'm in love with
You. There's something
I have to admit (I doted on you,
I feel so bad, like
I want to die). I really thought that
Ploss was the guy, because...
I sware you chited on
me with that
driy haed hore
if its trow just let me now
because my Feeling for you all let them Ye
I swear you cheated on
Me with that
dry-haired whore.
If it's true, just let me know,
Because my feelings for you? I'll let them go.


Page 2

if thats not trow
hold me tite dont let
me go becuse
that varry day all
kill that

If that's not true,
Hold me tight. Don't let
Me go, because
That very day I'll
Kill that

Page 3

god is so good to Me with out that I wood have nothig. god brings Me joy love and PeacE to my life. the lored is my saver I Shal only werp him. the this that bring Me jowe with the lord are my Familly fared and loved ones in my life but when I met Jolose he brot me so much love joe pane and holynis to my life. lets toke about the pane part for an scone because my xe boy franed not shing no names but he was abusive but he loved me but Joles did not wahant me to be with him he love me moer then him and I rejecked him becase I was scared and the he got pist oF and told me to drifed eure sins that I just wanted to be with him and I doped my Boy fened and king was nave him to me to more. thers nothin more then holeding Joles in my arms then any thing els I waht to do beuse I feel amzing saret throw my sole hart and evrything I what in my life onitsly troly to god I love Jolse no other Ma.

God is so good to me. Without that I would have nothing. God brings joy, love and peace to my life. The Lord is my savior and I shall only worship Him. The things that bring me joy with the Lord are my family, friends and loved ones. But when I met Joles, he brought so much love, joy, pain and holiness to my life. Let's talk about the pain part for a second, because my ex-boyfriend (not sharing any names) was abusive, but he loved me. But Joles did not want me to be with him. He loved me more than him and I rejected him because I was scared and then he got pissed off and told me to (???). I just wanted to be with him and dropped my boyfriend and (???). There's nothing more than holding Joles in my arms, more than anything else I want to do, because I feel amazing (???) through my whole heart, and everything I want in life. Honestly, truly to God, I love Joles and no other man.

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