A well-orchestrated OVA series (with a terribly rushed, ill-conceived ending that strongly deviates from the source manga), wherein the lonely Youta, in a moment of woe, stumbles upon a mysterious video store and rents a "video girl" tape starring a girl named Amano Ai. One broken VCR later, a malfunctioning Ai comes out of the television, determined to complicate Youta's life as much as mortally possible.

The Video Girl Ai manga is printed by Animerica Extra and written by Masakazu Katsura. This is a wonderful story, in my opinion. The artwork is beautiful and detailed, and the story line has something in it for everyone: love, sex, cute girls, panties…and even a bit of battle. Who could ask for more?

This beautiful and sad story of impossible love has brought on an anime Series as well as graphic novels.

Picture of graphic novel 1: Preproduction:

Picture of graphic novel 2: Mix Down:

I fully recommend this manga! Enjoy ^_^

Video Girl Aï has also been made into two live action versions: the official version was made in Japan, endorsed by the author and there's a chinese rip-off called Laser Girl

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