originality? creativity?

No, I don't know anything about that.

I'm just grabbing the world in fistfuls
(jagged edges don't matter--
  when's the last time you colored between the lines?)
   Maybe it was not so long ago than you would prefer.
Having gotten rid of that horrid painting was the best thing she ever did. But I never told her, because she was the one who had been the one who painted the painting.
Maybe you are uncomfortable with this.
  (Remember: You can color in the lines on purpose,
 just to spite The Man) ha! ha! who a m i trying to fool

Or other things.
  (Remember: It's you I'm trying To fool,

I'm just gradding fistfuls of the world
             did you know, for seven easy payments

  you ca n y to o  .  Also.
The time she hit me was interesting. I mean, she hit me a lot but this was different. She just cried and eventually I was living by myself. That's how I remember it, fast and confusing and skipping.
I'm just grapping fistfuls of
  bleeding is good for you.
Our Blood is all we have.
And it will !not last 4evr

I'm just graqqing the world

call me thief or cannibal,

i just have to get to the post office before nine

"The truth is always more interesting than a lie."

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