So... A small group of elite individuals proclaim that, through virtue, not of talent, wit, wisdom, or developed skill, but through aristocratic birth, they are superior to the rest of humanity, to whom they give the mocking name "Muggles". Their children are educated in an elite private boarding school, divided into competitive halls, in which sports, specific and arcane forms of learning, and the lore of their small and isolated community is passed on to the next generation. Within this group of elite young students, there is a hierarchy of birth as well, and the most elite of them all, Harry Potter actually has, on his forehead, a symbol of his superiority in the form of a star which exists because he is fated - fated, mind you - to defeat great evil, again, because of his birth.
Furthermore, an obsessive concern with blood purity has created massive inbreeding as this group of elites attempt to keep their blood pure. Our hero - he of the mythical father, predetermined to destroy evil - is himself a half breed a pejorative term this elite uses to refer to those with one half "common" ancestry - and this is one of his major teenage angsts. (However, his position as the scion of a great warrior seems to make up for this)
Does it take much of a stretch of the imagination to realize that the entire British Class System has been, not only copied, but mythologized in this series of books? Only instead of a bunch of Lord Longford nincompoops, freeing Marsh Murderers because of a misguided conception of aristocratic duty, Rowlings has replaced the foolish ditherings of the British Upper Class with actual magical powers, thus creating a world in which the British Class System is seen as the product of self evident natural characteristics?

This is a shadow Feudal Aristocracy! And it needs to be brought down!

Do I believe in a grey, miserable Muggle World, in which magic is forbidden, and in which everyone is forced to be equal? Hell no! But can I possibly sit by and say NOTHING as everyone buys into this Magic is the Inherited Product of a Blue Blood Aristocracy crap? No! No! No!

I say, the bastards know that ANYONE can do Magic with the right training and education. And they don't want YOU to know that! I say down with the whole rotten aristocratic elite of them! If you want to be a magician, HIT THE FUCKING BOOKS AND STUDY! And it doesn't matter if Ma and Pa are the essence of Muggledom themselves!

GOD DAMN IT I know people who have Che Guevara's Motorcycle Diaries and Harry Potter on the same shelf.

This is FALSE CONSCIOUSNESS people! Free yourselves! And free your children before they think that coolness, power, ability, romance and adventure is something they have to INHERIT for Gods Sake!

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