As soon as we arrived within range of the planet, we suffered total power failure. Our ship landed without damage, but we were unable to take off again. We managed to get a message off to Earth before total power loss, but it didn’t reach Earth. We explored the area and discovered a fantastic city that was thousands of years old. The Exxilon natives guarded this city fanatically, and the priests ensured that anyone caught there faced certain death. Wilkins was killed by the Exxilons, and Commander Stewart was seriously injured, only surviving on a diet of Sulphagen tablets.

After a month a ship landed on Exxilon. As we watched its descent spiral, we assumed it must be the relief ship, possibly a Z-47. Daleks emerged and attempted to exterminate us, but they were also affected by the power-drain. (Their travel machines were powered by psychokinetic energy and still functioned, but their weapon circuits were useless.). They told us that their own colonies were affected by the plague, and millions were dying. Reluctantly we agreed to help each other to mine Parrinium and try to discover a way to leave Exxilon. Shortly after this Commander Stewart died from his injuries and Railton was killed by the Exxilons. The Daleks recruited the majority of the Exxilons by offering to wipe out a minority faction. This horrified us, but the Parrinium mining began almost immediately. With our help, the Daleks managed to destroy the device that was causing the energy-drain. We had tricked the Daleks into loading bags of sand into their ships, rather than the Parrinium. Galloway sacrificed himself to destroy the ship. We loaded the Parrinium aboard our own ship and left Exxilon, watching the alien city destroy itself.

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