Badfinger - British band

Starting off as The Iveys in the late 1960s, Badfinger should have had everything going for them. They were lucky to have Paul McCartney's patronage, to be signed to the Apple label and to have their first hit written by McCartney: Come And Get It. They had other hits, No Matter What and Day After Day on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. They were a talented band and skilled songwriters in their own right, primarily consisting of Pete Ham, Tom Evans, Bob Jackson, Joey Molland and Mike Gibbins.

They worked with each of the four Beatles individually, including as backing on John Lennon's Imagine album. Pete Ham's brilliant ability as a slide guitarist and player of melodic hook lines was recognized by George Harrison, who used Pete on the albums All Things Must Pass and Living In The Material World. Pete was also enlisted for a number of Ringo Starr sessions and recordings.

One of Pete Ham's proudest moments came when Harrison brought him onstage to play an acoustic duet of Here Comes The Sun at the two historic Bangladesh concerts in August 1971. Not surprisingly Badfinger were described as Beatles sound-alikes on occasion.

Tom Evans and Pete Ham wrote the haunting Without You which was covered successfully by Harry Nilsson, who at first thought it was a Lennon/McCartney number.

It became a huge international hit. Legal problems with ownership and royalties for their classic creation however meant that Ham and Evans didn't receive a penny they were entitled to for writing such a major hit.

As the years went by this lack of recognition and financial rewards created other frictions within the band. Tragically Pete Ham committed suicide in 1975. Late 1983, after a loud argument with Joey Molland over the telephone, Tom Evans also hung himself.

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