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The moon is half eaten by the sun. Lunar eclipse, I am in Portland.

I finished clinic last evening and by 5 pm I was leaving home, entrusted with 3 teenagers besides mine. Fourteen and fifteen years old. We drove to Portland, four and a half hours. They talked the whole way thankfully, because I got tired and had to work to stay awake. I got up at 4:30 this morning, during the penumbra, and have been wandering in and out of the hotel to see the eclipse. It is quite beautiful.

The girls are here to do a synchronized swim clinic at the MAC pool in downtown Portland. They will have some Olympic coaches and are very excited about it. Eight hours of pool time today and four tomorrow. I will be with them except when I go to speak as a Mad as Hell Doctor for a rally that starts at noon. I told the other moms I'd bring the girls back safely unless I have to be bailed out.

The Mad as Hell Doctors are mostly from Corvallis, Oregon, but I happened to be coming down when they sent the email asking for a speaker. So it's a Washington doctor who will do this talk.

And the moon is nearly gone. I like the intersections in my life: the eclipsing moon, the synchronized girls laughing in the car, the opportunity to speak up about healthcare. My life gets more interesting all the time.

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