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Day 1 | Day 8

On December the eighth, we received a letter straight from Core.
A copy was sent to all of us. Ours arrived by carrier pigeon, undated.
It contained the truth. It was the news we had been waiting on for
all those years. When we got it, it was jumbled in code. Here is the rough translation.

Dear revolutionary,

If you have received this letter, then the revolution has already begun. We are pleased to have you aboard on this truly righteous journey. Follow the directions in this letter so that you may begin the long journey home.

Head toward ███████ -- there you will find our first checkpoint. You will be rendezvousing with other members of the movement at this location. By the time that you arrive, we will have seized control of the city and its surrounding areas. Paint the letter R in red on the top of your car so that we may identify you from above. Any other vehicles not containing the red mark will be considered a threat to our movement and will be eliminated. Be sure to pack enough food and supplies to last the duration of your trip. Stockpile weapons and ammo. In these first days of the revolution, we are going to experience great turbulence in the mainland, so be sure to make all necessary preparations to deal with possible enemies to our movement. If captured or retained, remember to adhere to our code of silence. Any leaked information is detrimental to our movement. Above all, remember that your very most precious cargo are daughters of the revolution. Their lives are held above all other revolutionaries, for we will be in great need of them after the Cleansing.

Good luck children,

The Elders

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