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I have some more good news!!

When my tenants moved out and trashed the house I tried claiming the damages with my insurance company, but was rejected because I wasn't covered. I wasn't impressed, as I remembered seeing the list, and "malicious damage by tenants" was covered, I figured I must've misread or confused it with just "malicious damage".

A couple of weeks ago I got a letter from the insurance company saying that they incorrectly showed "malicious damage by tenants" on their online portal, and even though I wasn't paying for that particular landlord insurance, they would honour such claims.

I was on the blower as soon as I got the letter and put the claim through that same day.

As expected, I had to send them a whole heap of quotes/paperwork and I finally got a call earlier today saying it's been approved. 5 digits.

It is way more than I expected, I thought they'd try to get out of as many things as possible and was prepared for 3-4k. As you can imagine, I'm pretty chuffed. I'll be able to get all the major repairs finished and have enough left over for the expensive over-seas move (or over-Bass Straight move, if you prefer). They might also cover some of the loss of rent once I send through some more paperwork, so that's an extra bonus.

This takes a lot of stress off my shoulders. I don't generally get excited by much, but this and the timing of it, put a nice big grin on my face.

I have my meeting with my possible future manager tomorrow, so I might do a small log with an update, I hope it goes as well as this insurance claim.

Let all your insurance claims be as easy and successful as this one.


I'm on a mission for S and B., old friends with whom I've recently re-established contact.

It seems they face some undetermined yet grave threat from a cabal of early twentieth-century eugenicists, which can be defeated by a tortuous counterplot that requires I write an account of human prehistory. To this end, I head to a multi-level Museum of Man. The curator, or some employee, immediately apologizes for the dated name. "It's carved in stone," I'm told, with a shrug. I also learn the museum is about to close for the night. Fortunately, a handful of people can remain overnight, and I'm one of the select.

Downstairs, past the skeleton of a mastodon, I find a display which resembles an oversize glossy pamphlet, the kind that accordions out. I am able to remove sections so that I can research/crib my account. I gesture to the security camera, mouth that I will replace the bits, and head to an old-growth table to write.

In addition to a factual history, I find "creative reconstructions" of the lives of our ancestors in various eras, written by two E2 noders. I cannot recall which ones, specifically, but one a mostly-fled old-timer, the other, Silverai_me or Nemosyn or a fusion of the two.

Somehow, my writing about our ancestors merges with reflections on a road trip I took back in August of '92.

The clock it ticks above my head.


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