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Yesterday was my granddaughter's third birthday. She Facetimed me on her grandmother's iPhone to tell me she was having lots of fun. That really made my day...she was just laughing and giggling. 

Been working on the Missouri Writers' Guild's website, fixing some of the back end items before I change the front-end views. 

I was talking to my shrink and apparently my brain dreams in an unusual fashion. Every dream I have is lucid and in color. I call them movie dreams because they are exactly like movies, with a plot and identifiable characters. For some reason my last dream was set at Hogwarts but in the future, probably a hundred years after all the familiar characters have passed on. The details were excellent, like a Malfoy whose hair wasn't as blonde because they weren't as pure-blood due to marriages and one obnoxious Slytheryn who had two rotted teeth (remember the Wizarding world didn't understand dentistry.) Lots of fun, and the school ended up getting attacked by some off-planet aliens. All I can say is awesome special effects, whatever part of my brain added them.

Hope your winter holidays are going well, or are at least tolerable.

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