Defenders of the Faith, by James Wyatt and Rich Redman is a Dungeons and Dragons Third Edition accesory for clerics and paladins. It was released in May 2001, and retails for 19.95 USD.

The beginnning chapter has an example church, as well as listing new mounts for paladins. Not as impressive information on defining your character that Tome and Blood has, but it still has interesting information.

This book also adds new feats, items for the holy, new uses for skills, spells, and new prestige classes.

The new prestige classes are:
  • Church Inquisitor - This person specializes in seeking out corruption within their church... and promptly eliminating it.
  • Consecrated Harrier - Much akin to the Inquisitor, but he searches for problems that the church has faced. They are similar to a church bounty hunter.
  • Contemplative - A holy person who seeks for the touch of their god, and upon receiving it they dwell in it.
  • Divine Oracle - A worker of fortunes and charms.
  • Holy Liberator - This holy warrior searches for evil wherever it might be and fights for it to be gone.
  • Hospitaler - A specialist in the healing arts and the battle field.
  • Hunter of the Dead - A specialist who works mainly against the dead.
  • Knight of the Chalice - These knights search out and destroy demons.
  • Knight of the Middle Circle - These specialized knights work their blade with magic.
  • Master of the Shrouds - A person that specializes in summoning spirits and other incorporeal undead.
  • Sacred Exorcist - A holy person that specializes in driving out possessions of people.
  • Sacred Fist - A warrior of no weapons but the spells that employ their hands to deliver them.
  • Templar - A defender of the church that they belong to, blessed in combat by their god.
  • Warpriest - A priest that uses his speechs to rile up their army, and their healing skills to keep them going.
This book also has a web enhancement located at that give you two new documents. The first document is a collection of recommended ways of getting the players to go on a quests for certain Greyhawk gods. The second document is a simple spell list, which contains all the spells from Defenders of the Faith and the Player's Guide, that makes it easy for a cleric, paladin, or any of the new prestige classes keep track of the spells they have memorized. Both files are in pdf format.
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