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A project begun in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1997, DSI is an organization which functions as an unofficial arm of the Canadian federal government.

Our wo/mandate: doing stuff.

Anyone may, at any time, perform any appropriate action on behalf of, under the auspices of, or as a representative of, the Department of Strategic Interaction. The Department defines an "appropriate action" as follows:

Any action which can somehow or other be deemed an interaction, and which can be construed in some sense to be strategic.

We trust that our agents will not find these guidelines overly restrictive.

Currently registered DSI agents:

Archer Campion - co-founder; known to deliberately use unnecessarily ornate language

J V S Cant - co-founder; has performed improvised music in front of unwilling audiences

Simon Moor - sidekick; acts in accordance with his delusional self-conception as an authorized private detective

Robert Fripp - unwitting organization co-namer; see everything the man has ever written, said, or done

umquam - agent provocateur; he doesn't know he's been recruited yet

Monty Cantsin (the old one, not the new one) - honorary inductee; as an all-purpose pseudonym, he can't be beat!

kareneliot - neoist noder; as an all-purpose pseudonym, she can't be beat! though she can be deleted...

HerMan - "HerMan is okay for names. As a title, 'molester' could be a valid one."; I don't know what it means, but I'm approving admission on the basis of a concern for my own personal safety!

Should you wish to join us, post (below, or /msg me) your name, desired title, and a brief description outlining your value to the organization. Or just wait around, and, some day, we may come for you (cue fiendish laughter)

p.s. - this does not make you an honorary Canadian.

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