Shortstop for the New York Yankees baseball team. Probably the most suave player in the game today.

Stats here, if you're interested:

Compare his stats to fellow shortstops Alex Rodriguez or Nomar Garciaparra, and you'll see that Jeter's don't seem as impressive. However, Jeter has won four World Series since 1996 (as of the 2000 season), which is an incredible feat. Yankee fans will often say that this proves that Jeter has talents that don't show up in his statistics, which helped the Yankees win those four titles, and which makes him a superior player than Garciaparra or Rodriguez. (Or Miguel Tejada, another young and very talented shortstop). Yankee haters will often say this argument is pure rubbish. They will argue that the Yankees (or, in their words, the Skankees) simply buy their way to World Series titles and that Jeter's along for the ride. This debate will likely never be solved.

Coincidentally, former Yankee great Joe DiMaggio was the same way, in relation to Ted Williams. Williams seemingly had the better stats (though seamheads may argue that DiMaggio's were better -- taking into account park effects, etc.), but Williams never won a World Series. DiMaggio, on the other hand, won plenty of titles.

In addition, Jeter is similar to DiMaggio in terms of their fame. DiMaggio married Marilyn Monroe; Jeter has been rumored to be an item with Jennifer Lopez. DiMaggio was, to an extent, famous not just for being a baseball player but famous for being famous. Jeter is the same way -- he's probably the most likely baseball player to be photographed in People Magazine. He's a celebrity, not just a well-known athlete.

Plus, he's cute. Or so I am told.

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