A word for honeybee used by the Mormons: it occurs in the Book of Ether (stop sniggering). I don't know what language, if any, it is supposed to come from. Ancient Egyptian has been proposed, but implausibly. The territory of Utah was originally organized under the name of Deseret.

They also created a 38-letter phonetic alphabet for English, called the Deseret Alphabet. It was developed in the 1850s by one or more people including George Watt, who was Brigham Young's secretary, possibly influenced by Pitman shorthand. The alphabet was used to publish four books, some scriptural passages in their newspaper the Deseret News, and occurs on one tombstone in Cedar City. In Unicode it is assigned the range U+10400 to U+1044F.

Deseret is also an opera by American composer Dudley Buck (1839-1909).

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