she met him in a suit of
darkness and weather and
she was fresh and doe-eyed
she was broken and bitter

"it seems irremediable, doesn't it?"
he asks and she feels his gaze
not on her but burning through the walls
he is breathing too closely

out here where it is cold and hostile
where they are sheltered by fabric and silence
she notices the blinding color of his skin
his lips move and laugh but they don't make a sound

"heh, are you okay?"
he turns and doesn't turn and his warmth
stings through the air, he is too close
don't look, not the eyes, don't-

don't do that, don't touch me
or touch me and please don't stop
what are you doing, your skin is-


burning me

he looks and it is her
old and weary and new and soft
her calculated movements, posing and
relaxing everytime she becomes aware
there is magnetism pulling her spine
upwards and she pulls away
she is not bait

he looks and it is her
lips shut like prayer
it is warm inside that mouth

he leans in and takes her hand
puts it against his chest and

"listen to this heartbeat.
take this violence
and help me."

they leave

her lips moved but didn't make a sound

he breathes over her hips and
feels the skin
crawl under his fingers

it is soft where he cuts
his jaw tense, her screaming louder
pure like a child's, painful and bleeding
another carve, another stab
scream like that again

he smokes over her
dead skin made of plastic and eyes made of horror
this is not his, this can't be undone
she will be disposed of

and he will say this to the next
and he will be honest

take this violence

help me

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