Dear young thing-

send us your toes
dangle them lower, where we can reach them
caress them

You can trust us

We have that dusty bear you lost
and a soft weave blanket you thought was stolen
it's yours as well
We could be such good friends-
a single toe?

What do you say?

We love you,
Say the monsters under my bed.
We love you.

We know you better than anyone.
We love the slick sweat of fear
That your night terrors drip
On our upturned faces.
We have eyes of needles
Threaded with spider silk
We lance the blisters of your fevered imaginings
And slick our shiny fur back
With those fluids

We love you because
You make us

And we know that you
love us, too.
We define your darkness
When there is little light
Yes, and we are vivid for you
When life is monochrome and we
will never let you go
You can depend on us.

We love you,
say the monsters under my bed.
We love you.

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