This quest will be run by Rancid_Pickle. Submit any questions to me, don't bug other folks unless you like getting poked with horrible veggies.


We need a good bone chilling scary story. You can node an old chestnut or a brand-new tale of terror. Some things that should be included are:

  • A short story (duh!)
  • Must be written or noded between now and 1 November 2002 at 23:59 server time. Cletus the Foetus threatened to make ME the star of a horror story unless I extended it after Halloween. Yikes!
  • The story MUST have some supernatural, horror or gothic tone. If it makes me pee my pants, it counts. If it makes me pee on dem bones pants, you get extra points.
  • If the story is original, say so at the end.
  • Please note from whence the story came if it's not original. Watch copyright restrictions!
When your writeup is complete, just drop me a /msg and softlink it to this node. Every decent writeup will get a "blessing" by yours truly (which equates to ten XP), plus the possibility of getting upvoted AND chinged if it's worthy. There is a limit of ten blessings per noder, but you're more than welcome to add more than 10 writeups.

Now comes the nasty part. If you cut and paste, I will CURSE you, which is a -10xp hit. DO NOT CUT AND PASTE without the author's permission, which you should note. Make your writeup original work, or make sure it's not stolen from elsewhere. Only nodes added within the Quest time window will be eligible for goodies.

Exceptional works added during this quest may get more than one blessing (actually, up to +30xp for outstanding nodes).

Get to it!

Please save your votes for the upcoming author submissions. Thanks, now quit dawdlin' and git to writin'!

And now, the Wouf Hong! Oops, I mean the Quest Entries!

  1. Carnal Harvest by Lucy-S The reason I started this quest, mwahahahaha!
  2. elem_125 says re Everything Quests: Scary Stories: hiya, my entry - The World's Shortest Horror Story
  3. Cletus the Foetus says re Everything Quests: Scary Stories: Revelation of the Lamb in Four Parts
  4. Flattery: tandex says oh, not fair! I have a book with Lucy-S's stories in it, she's just too good to compete with on horror! heh...
  5. TheDeadGuy says re Everything Quests: Scary Stories: eh, there we are then, my entry to the scary story business at Like Tears In Rain or something.
  6. Chris-O says re Everything Quests: Scary Stories: 1) is this the first e2 quest that rewards original fiction? 2) sound like i shoulda waited a couple days to post my hell gate bridge wu! No, sorta and true, in that order.
  7. AriaMech says Good sir, allow me to inform you that my node "Where the Cats Live" has been softlinked to your Quest as an intended part of it. Thanks!
  8. Cletus the Foetus says re Everything Quests: Scary Stories: Even though it doesn't really have any supernatural themes, I do hope you'll make the exception for AriaMech's Where the cats live. Alright already!
  9. tallman says For the quest: the hierophant... now you know why I usually write factuals
  10. drinkypoo says re Everything Quests: Scary Stories: scuzzlebutt
  11. drownzsurf says re Everything Quests: Scary Stories: Please take my offer of Kidney Pool for part of your quest.
  12. Sondheim says For your peeing pleasure, I submit Orphan in the Storm -Josh
  13. shyHyena says I most humbly submit Last Man in Black :-)
  14. allseeingeye says I am going to fill a nodeshell with such pure terror and gut wrenching horror, you will go mad while reading it. Ahhhhhh!
  15. Jet-Poop says Dammit, you'd start something like this when I'm too busy to put a good story together... Ahhhhhh!
  16. Merkwurdig says I would like to submit my story Self-Control: The Story. Thank you.
  17. baumbart says crazy alice: I put up this story for the quest
  18. allseeingeye says the goldfish are going to eat you Pickle. Also my entry for the scary story quest.
  19. trembling says um, about the Everything Quests: Scary Stories? mine is over at Suzy's Mouth... hope you like it!
  20. RalphyK says re Everything Quests: Scary Stories: Quest. Story done have I. When Frogs Go Bad. You read it. You like it. Or frog come. Frog come take you away.Ribbit.
  21. Stavr0 says re Everything Quests: Scary Stories: Any of the Bad Roomates nodes ...
  22. danlowlite says re Everything Quests: Scary Stories: Scary Story: Poe's Berenice. Thanks. I like Poe, especially her last album :)
  23. arcanamundi says re Everything Quests: Scary Stories: It's not a story, but I wrote a love poem from the monsters under my bed. I will write a proper story for you if one comes to me. :-)
  24. Lucy-S says Here's another for the quest: A Delicate Flower Of Femininity
  25. Pseudo_Intellectual says re Everything Quests: Scary Stories : So: can be unoriginal, but only with author's permission... and not cut and paste? So, supposing I have a seance and get in touch with the ghosts of Saki or Oscar Wilde, something of theirs might qualify? But only if I type it up myself through dictation? Ummm, yeah, right. Make sure you get a signed note too :) You can put up out-of-copyright stuff, you can't put up protected works without permission from authors living (or dead, without the aforementioned note).
  26. IWhoSawTheFace says A madman's manuscript is for your contest.
  27. caknuck says re Everything Quests: Scary Stories: are horror story parodies welcome? Yup
  28. epli_ellifu says I submit Screeching harpy for the quest - it is _not_ the Magic:The Gathering card!
  29. caknuck says re Everything Quests: Scary Stories: If you dare, you can add The Tale of the Monkey's Soy to the Quest. Please be merciful, it's a :)
  30. revolver says hey there rp, i've a ghost story i noded a couple of months back. nobody noticed, out of season i guess. can you add this to your list of submissions please? node_id=1339861&node_id=157635
  31. Master Villain says Scary Story! I added The Ones Who Watch and am now wishing I'd done the second part I'd originally planned....
  32. J. Alfred says Flesh Chamber is my first quest attempt, and hopefully a success.
  33. Proquar says Bingo Night is a quest submission for young and old
  34. avalyn says re Everything Quests: Scary Stories: Permit me to present One Two danced the pyrrhic, aka Webster 1913's Greatest Hits.
  35. The Custodian says Quest node! Tagteam.
  36. Lucy-S says No genitalia were harmed in the creation of this writeup: The jarred heart
  37. amib says Re: The Quest - By the way, Things I found in Footprints' butt, a nodeshell which is his own fault, is a nodeshell challenge for the quest.
  38. Chiisuta says re Everything Quests: Scary Stories: Don't Hear the Music is my contribution. Because, em, nothing's scarier than normal people giving into those impulses we all have? Heh?
  39. loquacious has given us a new spin on the cliche, It was a dark and stormy night.
  40. Lucy-S says Here's another horror story in the form of a poem: The basement priest
  41. TheDeadGuy says re Everything Quests: Scary Stories: I tossed another on the fire: La petite mort. Remember, I am not a well person.
  42. LaylaLeigh says I gots a thingy for your quest: A Dance With the Devil.
  43. JodieK says I offer Prison of wind for your sacrificial Quest pleasure.
  44. Demeter says a scary story for the quest: Which heaven to gaudy day
  45. Servo5678 says re Everything Quests: Scary Stories: I've completed by entry for the quest. Saved To Memory, a little tale about every MS Office user's worst nightmare...
  46. Jadskye says quest entry: Angel and Devil on the subway -- supernatural and maybe a little scary, if you have to ride the subway every day. Well, whatever. People think about these things sometimes. ;-)
  47. TeknoHog says re Everything Quests: Scary Stories: I don't usually do horror.. but here's The Late Visitor.
  48. Stavr0 says re Everything Quests: Scary Stories: The Cursed Caramel be gentle! (fat chance.)
  49. Snailgus says Here's my entry for the quest: Talk to the Hand.
  50. Chris-O says if this qualifies, i humbly sumbit a review of The Coffin for yon Quest.
  51. novasoy says re Everything Quests: Scary Stories: please accept my halloween decorations story. Or I'll use you for a jack-o-lantern! Mwahahahaha!
  52. dTaylorSingletary says re Everything Quests: Scary Stories: Level 1 is my distraction for this timed quizaroo.
  53. Wuukiee says re Everything Quests: Scary Stories: not POSITIVE sepia counts, but it was the quest that inspired me to node it. have a look, good sir? ^_^
  54. lordaych says I hope that Waiting for the bus qualifies as quest material :)
  55. novasoy says re Everything Quests: Scary Stories: by the way, my entry is original, if you can call it that. It ain't stolen!
  56. smileloki says re Everything Quests: Scary Stories: Complete Silence... nothing is scarier than your own imagination.
  57. greyblue says Questing for the first time (Scary Stories): Night Stalker
  58. mutant says Hey. I heard you were doing this swell Horror writing quest, and I thought I should get off my butt and do the community thing more. So I give you 'Sometimes it happens'. I hope its cathartic. Take care and thanks!
  59. Tlogmer says D'oh! I submitted a nice, scary story to E2 a couple months ago, so I guess it doesn't qualify for the contest. *sigh* He takes the light switch between two fingers, wishing for a chain to pull
  60. Frankie says re Everything Quests: Scary Stories: for you xoxoxox Awww, shucks...AAAAAH!
  61. loquacious says It was a dark and stormy night muhahaha
  62. amib says They were posted a little early, but who about Castlevania and Castlevania II: Simon's Quest?
  63. Melannen says re: Scary Stories: as I never noded Robert Service for the last quest, in penance I offer Ballad of the Hairy Man
  64. danlowlite says re Everything Quests: Scary Stories: Everything Quests: Scary Stories: All right, another, this one's mine: Wheels Spin Fast.
  65. RalphyK says re Everything Quests: Scary Stories: I am the god of hell fire, and I give you: Carriage return
  66. amib says YOU SHOULD ADD of course it stops raining TO THE QUEST LIST. THIS, I COMMAND.
  67. Focus says I have submitted 'Gone to Seed' for the scary story quest. Thanks for letting me play!
  68. legbagede says re Everything Quests: Scary Stories: I did a 'loose' translation for the quest in The Story of the Ashes and the Flame ... though I fear some occassional anachronisms of mine slipped in...have to work on my etymologies a bit.
  69. LaggedyAnne says re Everything Quests: Scary Stories: so I wrote This Can't End Well because I love you, and XP. I hope you pee on dem bones pants not only for extra points, but because that would be damn funny. :)
  70. ataraxia says whee, i'm back. strange visitor was written for the quest. i think this is the first story i've written that has a PLOT!
  71. montecarlo says re Everything Quests: Scary Stories: Here is an agressive allegory, really scary - Clever wheeze
  72. JodieK says Here's another from me for the quest A Halloween Carol all about our beloved wertperch in his secret past life. oooooh...
  73. Apologies to dem bones for peeing on his pants. I told him he had sat on a chair that someone spilled a beer on, but I think he's suspicious... This Quest is officially CLOSED, and thanks to the above participants! All bonuses should have been given out.

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