Desoxyn is the trade name for the generic drug methamphetamine. It is produced in the U.S. by Abbott Laboratories.

Abbott produced Desoxyn in ampule form until 1962, when concerns over it's rapid abuse by intravenous drug users forced them to discontinue it. Since then Desoxyn has only been available in tablet form.

Abbott has manufactured two kinds of Desoxyn - an extended release tablet and an immediate release tablet. The extended release tabs came in 5mg, 10mg, and 15mg sizes and were marketed under the name Desoxyn Gradument tabs. The immediate release tablets only come in the 5mg size and they are called simply Desoxyn tabs.

In October of 1999 Abbott ceased the manufacture of Desoxyn Gradument. Originally it was reported that the reason for doing so was due to some sort of manufacturing problem -- however there is no indication that production ever continued since that time. The product was not ever recalled.

Since 1999 Abbott has only manufactured 5mg immediate release tabs. These tablets are white and imprinted with the Abbott logo and the two-letter code TE.

Abbott's current list of products (and their whole web site) fails to mention Desoxyn anywhere in any context. It's not clear whether or not they are making this product anymore, but they have not issued a recall on its supply. For the last year or so many people have complained that few pharmacies have been able to keep the drug in stock. Either Abbott has dramatically reduced supply or they have discontinued production altogether.

All the tablet forms of Desoxyn can still be purchased from pharmacies that have quantities in stock. Current wholesale prices (by

5mg Desoxyn tabs 100ct. - $138
5mg Desoxyn Gradumet tabs 100ct. - $306
10mg Desoxyn Gradumet tabs 100ct. - $408
15mg Desoxyn Gradumet tabs 100ct. - $520

Update: 8/31/04 -- Desoxyn is still not mentioned anywhere on Abbott Laboratories web site, but apparently can still be purchased wholesale to people with a DEA 222 Order Form on file from The current wholesale price for 5mg tabs 100ct. is $288.90. This puts the wholesale value of pharmaceutical grade methamphetamine at $577.80/gram. (Compare to street price of illicit meth $75-150/gram {~$250/eight ball})

Desoxyn -- like all methamphetamine products -- is a Schedule II controlled substance. You must have a signed prescription form assigned from a licensed medical doctor. There are no refills allowed. Doctors cannot call in a prescription or a refill to a pharmacy - they must fill out a new form for each new bottle. Pharmacies must also take special protections to prevent theft and abuse of the drug.

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