Yet another Devil Bunny game (see also Devil Bunny Needs A Ham), which proves that you need to be certifiably insane to work at Cheapass Games. If I explained the game any other way than by quoting from their website, someone might mistake *me* for the looney, so this is what their website says.

You and your friends are hard-working candy machines in Devil Bunny's factory.

Devil Bunny hates the Earth.

And so he has decided to wreak his revenge upon the Globe by manufacturing a very unsatisfying brand of saltwater taffy.

You must stop him. Even though you are aware that his plan has almost no chance of success.

By luring innocent squirrels into the factory and using them to gum up your own works, you hope to stop Devil Bunny's plan from coming to its unlikely end.

It is a desperate plan, but it seems appropriate given the circumstances.

So, there you have it. What an odd premise for what is a pretty cool "board game." Like typical Cheapass Games, it doesn't give you tons of pretty plastic pieces or a color board. But it only costs you two bucks. Yes, that's right, two dollars gets you an actual playable game. One that you'll never be able to explain to anyone else.

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