If the beginning was the end, then the end was the beginning. Progress is destruction, destruction is progress. One can not advance without destroying what came before. Novelty is endless, yet nothing is ever new. Always we have to push forward into new ideas, thoughts, concepts. We must make a revolution daily, or suffer the Darwinistic fate that befalls all that do not advance.

Therefore, I present to you the following tenets for survival in the modern world. The are presented in no particular order, except in that if a tenet is a prerequisite of another, it shall come before. One's chances at survival increase greatly with the awareness that comes from knowing these tenets. Read and be enlightened, then share this knowledge to others. The more who know, the greater the chance for civilization to improve.

1. Repetition makes truth.

Just as an actor repeats their lines to rehearse for their role as an actor, so should you use repetition to prepare for your role in reality. The act of repetition causes chemical changes in the makeup of the human brain. Like changing the magnetic pattern on a computer disc, the chemical change stores data in the cerebral cortex. The efficiency of this process depends on the amount of information stored. Humans have an easier time memorizing small chunks of data. Consider famous propaganda slogans: "Where do you want to go today?", "It's everywhere you want to be", "Drivers wanted", "Reach out and touch someone", "Just do it" - all of these are simple, and with repetition, they embed themselves into the consciousness. Recalling them is simple, and the ideas embodied within are also easily recalled. This is the fundamental tenet of modern civilization.

2. Progress is destruction. Destruction is progress.

For a revolution to occur, one must first destroy the old guard. In Democracy, this practice occurs through non-violent means - negative campaign ads, shifting of blame, and revelation of errors. In Imperialism, this practice occurs through violence - smart bombs, invasion, and devastation. In the modern philosophical wars that happen every election, no shots are fired. Nobody loses their life through properly executed Democracy. Each vote is a bullet. Each bullet cancels out another bullet, until finally all bullets are canceled out. What bullets have not been canceled determine the victor. In evolution, the weak are destroyed, and the strong survive to breed. Natural selection works, as we have seen. Civilization is founded on this principle.

3. Novelty is endless. Nothing is ever new.

The hyperactive brains of our species crave new forms of stimulus daily. To deny yourself novelty, is to deny your self. Yet, novelty is a fleeting thing. Once one consumes novelty, it is no longer novelty. Nothing is every new, as it becomes old at first glance. Pleasure decreases as novelty decreases. Eventually, after the novelty has left a form of stimulus, it lies in stasis for years, until it is rediscovered. The rediscovery of this form of stimulus creates a new form of novelty, which is called "retro". Modern reality is cyclical, which only makes sense as repetition makes truth, and truth is reality. Yet, new things are what is truly needed for societal health. This ties in with the next tenet.

4. Revolution creates novelty.

A revolution is a drastic, sudden change. Change creates something new, which is novelty. For a healthy civilization, a revolution must occur at least once, daily. Anything less leads to stagnation. As Darwinian and Neo-Darwinian evolution proves, stagnation leads to death. One must change to survive. Survival is the primary instinct of the species. Self-preservation for the passing of genetic material to the next generation is the highest goal of the biological being. Males produce enough new sperm to populate a planet every twenty minutes. The libido synchronizes the male and the female into the act of copulation that creates life.

5. The brain and the body are at war.

While the body craves nothing more than to spread its genetic material, the brain wants more. The craving for novelty and culture causes an internal schism in the body. The yoni and/or the phallus is the everlasting desire of the yoni and/or the phallus. The brain, however, craves ideas, concepts, thoughts. Sonic and visual mutations to redefine its world. The brain and body need to balance its needs for Zen harmony. An imbalance in the system in one direction leads to rapists. An imbalance in the other leads to celibacy and bookishness. Neither is preferable. Balance is key to survival].

6. Breeding leads to extinction. Not breeding leads to extinction.

The second point is the easiest to explain. If no-one breeds, then the species dies out. This is not theory, this is math. However, if everyone breeds, the species becomes overpopulated, and susceptible to extinction through other means. There are not enough available resources to sustain a gigantic population. Fossil Fuels are not renewable. Soil for tilling loses nutrients. It can, and will happen, should the population grow too large. The herd must be culled, and culled it shall be. However, like the Yin-Yang balance between the body's desire for spawning, and the brain's desire for intellectual stimulus, the social body divides itself between those who breed and those who do not. The balance will soon form, and the population will stabilize. It is only a matter of time.

7. Pleasure is the primary desire.

It becomes clear that the primary desire of both the body and brain is pleasure. The brain takes pleasure from novelty, and new stimuli. The body takes pleasure from the act of copulation to create new life forms. Were the act of copulation not pleasurable, it is likely the species would not have grown to such a large number. Sexual gratification is the balm that soothes the lizard-being in all humans. It satiates the carnal, puerile desires of the subhuman being lurking in the shadows of our genetic code. When the caveman is satiated, the modern man can quest for intellectual enlightenment. The balance is maintained. The evidence is clear in any male human entering pubescence. The rush of hormones offsets the balance, and other methods must be used to straighten things out. Masturbation is control of the self. It puts the brain back into focus, and the body back out of focus.

8. Indulgence is enlightenment.

Those in power often make rules to prevent people from engaging in practices that bring them pleasure. They regulate drugs, which take people to new levels of sensation. They control visual, aural, and textual stimuli in the hopes of "protecting" younger beings from "negative influences". Yet, at the same time, these people indulge themselves in the pleasures forbidden to common humans. It is a natural desire for greed, that lies in us all. Monkey man hordes the bananas for monkey-self. Human man hordes the sex for human-self. Yet, the species is on the cusp of a revolution that will change this base greed desire. The final leap from animal instinct occurs when pleasure is shared between all, instead of hoarded. One who indulges in all pleasure inducing stimuli is likely to find enlightenment in the tomes, tokes, or tunes of culture. It is this which is needed to provide that constant revolution that our species needs for sanity and survival.

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