An excellent example of what one must not do if we are expected to live in a civilized society.

There are three major reasons why strippers (male or female) should not be tipped with Susan B. Anthony dollars:

Not only do strippers gyrate more than your average working person, but one may often find them hanging upside-down, careening from the ceiling, and/or sliding seductively down long metal poles. While a habit of frequenting these types of activities is alone enough to prohibit most individuals from carrying pocket change, the stripper's decision to wear little or no clothing further complicates the matter, as s/he has no pockets.

Most strippers maintain possession of their tips through the use of an elastic strap known as a garter. Said garter is placed around a leg or an arm and is designed by garter design specialists to accommodate loose dollar bills of any denomination. However, most garter manufacturers never intended their devices to be employed to harvest legal tender in coin form, and thus engaging such activity would undoubtedly void the garter's warranty.

Only top-of-the-line, tailor-made garters provide a coin purse option, which is usually intended only for novelty purposes, such as providing individuals with "change" for their tip, or for the storage of a small tube of lipstick (and/or tabs of Ecstasy). And due to the added technology (additional silk, spandex, microprocessors, servos, etc.) required for the production of these high-end garters, they are highly expensive items and thus one is much less likely to find a stripper equipped with such a device at his or her local house of burlesque.

As a result, handing a stripper one or more Susan B. Anthony dollars (or any coins, for that matter) places said stripper (who is, presumably, nude) in the unfortunate position of having to hold the money in her hand, mouth, or some other area for the duration of the performance. This can be terribly distracting for both the stripper and the audience.

The image of Susan Brownell Anthony was placed on the US dollar coin in 1979 in recognition of her years spent fighting for what we today call "women's rights," but what at the time were called "basic rights everyone with a dick already has." Anthony was a leader in the women's suffrage movement, the abolitionist movement, and other progressive campaigns.

And you want to take this beacon of hope and strength, this memorial of one of the United States' greatest heroes--you want to take her shining face and shove it into some stripper's nether regions?

You sick, twisted perv. You may think you're being all ironic and cute, but you're really just a dumbass with some kind of coin fetish who probably beats his wife with a claw hammer. We have a place for people like you; a van will be by shortly to collect your worthless ass. Please be out front, packed and ready to go.

The problem with Susan B. Anthony dollars was that they looked and felt about the same size, shape, and color as a US quarter. This is why they were eventually discontinued and replaced with the gold-colored Sacagawea dollar coins, which are the same size, shape, and color as a US quarter that has been urinated on.

Regardless of what culture you're from, according to contemporary stripping etiquette, tipping a stripper US$0.25 is the moral equivalent of giving your mother a nicely wrapped turd for her birthday. It's simply not done; it is not only considered rude, but a slap to the face of morality itself.

And since your Susan B. Anthony dollar is very likely to be mistaken for a quarter (as explained above), the act of tipping said stripper with said coin is very likely to offend said stripper, who has done nothing but be nice to you, generously taking the time to display her breasts (or his dick, depending on what kind of joint you like to frequent) for you. Offending a person in this vulnerable position would likely prove to be an unwise move, as it may result in you receiving a stiletto heel to the forehead, a trauma that several case studies have revealed to be one of the leading causes of learning disabilities in America.

So in conclusion, don't do it. Before you go to the strip club, hit the ATM, ask your mom, or go knock over a convenience store. Do not just use the local laundromat's change machine. As a result, your stripper will be happier, one of the greatest women's rights activists won't be spinning in her grave, and you'll still be able to read and process the English language when the evening is over. Trust me: you'll thank yourself later.

Oh, and on a side note, you shouldn't pay prostitutes with Susan B. Anthony dollars, either--but that's another lesson for another node some other day.

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