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Richard John "Dick" Grayson is the youthful ward of millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne. He usually resides at stately Wayne Manor. His alter ego, of course, is Robin, the boy wonder, the second half of the dynamic duo.

Dick Grayson was born on the first day of spring, and his mother originally gave him the nickname of Robin. As a very young boy, he was trained as an acrobat, because his parents worked in the Haly circus. At a relatively young age, he joined his family's acrobatic team, The Flying Graysons. Meanwhile, a racketeer named Boss Zucco tries to extort Haly, the owner of the circus into paying protection money. He refuses, and as a consequence, he tampers with the tightrope, which results in the death of Dick's parents.

It just so happens that millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne is in the audience. Having lost his own parents at a tender age, Wayne feels a connection to the lad, and decides to take him under his wing. With the permission of Dick's closest living relative, Bruce Wayne adopted Dick as his ward. At the same time, Dick has begun talking to Batman (without knowing that they are the same man) who is investigating the deaths. After Dick begs Batman to be his sidekick, the dynamic duo was born. Bruce trains the boy, who is already quite skilled acrobatically, and soon they begin to fight crime together, capturing Boss Zucco.

At this point, the various parts of the story begin to diverge. In the movies and on TV, the two generally just fight crime together. In the comic books, however, Dick eventually leaves Batman and becomes part of a crime-fighting team of young sidekicks. By some twist, he once again fought with Batman before being shot in the shoulder by The Joker. But, different sagas have apparently had a variety of things happen to Dick Grayson throughout his life.

On the television show of Batman, Robin/Dick Grayson were played by Burt Ward. Holy Retro Television! That show is the source of the kind of dialogue that appears in the first paragraph. And it was also the most lighthearted treatment of the story of Batman.

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