The term Dick Management was created by Sean O'Reilly in his book, How to Manage Your Dick. "Dick" is actually an acronym that stands for Dimensionally Interactive Cyber Kinetics.

The idea, which stems from string theory, postulates that our universe actually contains far more than the mere 3 dimensions (or 4, if you count time) that we experience in our day to day lives. Some versions of string theory believe that our universe actually has 26 dimensions. The only problem, however, is that the extra dimensions are curled up at an extremely small scale. Dick Management, however, incorporates another interesting facet of string theory: when one reduces the scale that they are looking at to small enough, then the "quantum phenomena" that start to take place are the result of interactions among all the dimensions, not just the 3 of our perceptions. Matter, and our three-dimensional world, is made of energy that exists mostly in particle form. This energy is thus termed local. On the quantum level, most energy is in the form of a wave. Such energy/matter technically does not exist in the Newtonian view of our world--it is non-local. Only when observed, does this non-local wave energy collapse to a local particle.

According to Dick Management, our soul is the result of the non-local waves of energy in the brain interacting with the local matter of the brain. From a philosophical perspective, causality of the soul is thus successfully preserved without reduction to dualism. Our higher, spirit self is non-local, and thus is in instantaneous communication with virtually everything in our universe. Our impulsive, lower, more animal self, however, is much more a local manifestation of energy than a non-local one.

In order to raise our level of consciousness, and thus the level of non-locality of our soul, there are a few things we can do. One idea suggested by O'Reilly is to use a mnemonic system to keep track of one's energy flow. As a human being has only a certain amount of spiritual energy, or Chi, it is very important that his energy go towards activities that raise the level of non-locality in one's thoughts. The Seven Chakras of the Hindu religion serve as a useful tool to observe the flow of Chi. Dick Management encourages activities like meditation, prayer, or abstinence from masturbation because they reduce the amount of energy that is wasted at lower Chakras. Energy not used in the lower Chakras is thus made available for the higher Chakras.

Moral relativism, as seen from the view of Dick Management, does not exist. Instead, morality is defined by Dick Management such that not being able to resist impulsive actions is evil, while being more thoughtful and choosing longer-term beneficial actions to one's self or others is good. Note how morality is not longer defined only in terms of what someone does to someone else. Dick Management, as opposed to our standard Judeo-Christian set of values, finds it perfectly possible for an act to be evil even if it affects no one else except the performer of said act.

Dick Management does say that if you don't masturbate for long enough, your soul will reach a higher, more non-local level. This is because the energy will go through a process Freud described as sublimation, where resisting one's impulses causes excess sexual energy to be converted into constructive, useful energy. Aristotle's 12 Virtues and his idea of the Golden Mean serve as a useful roadmap for directing sexual Chi into becoming a more spiritual form of Chi. To me, making this step seems like the next natural part of evolution's progression.

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