This data base provides tons of information, some of it useless, some of it opinionated, some factual, but all interesting. Lots of new things to read about and links to follow. I like to follow the links to the users, to try to find out by what they write who they are. Today I found that one of the Gods only lives about 40 miles from me, pretty much off the beaten path, and that he is part of the Everything Development Company, which of course only creates more questions to be answered. What's he doing here, what role does he play, what is his background? My first place to look is the home page; let's see what info this person is willing to divulge. No photo, cryptic answers, really not letting much show. Then I start reading writeups, starting with the earliest: what his interests are, what kind of writing style, religion, age, attitude, technical expertise, where does this person fit in in the big picture. Why does this person know detailed information about plywood? The truth is we all leave a trail behind us which is our words. Much more comes out of them than just what we say. Sometimes the path leads to someone you know is breaking inside and you would just want to hug them and tell them it will be okay, we've all been there. Sometimes you just have to laugh knowing that life and experience will take them down a notch. Sometimes the promise shines through like a solar flare.

I used to read the Ebay cafe and do the same thing, follow the links to the Me page, see what auctions they might have going, go to the feedback pages and see what they've bought or sold, listen to the chatter from the balcony. It's all fun, it's all good. Thanks Nate for good times.

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