also Diogones Laertius or Diognes of Laerte

Not to be confused with the Cynic Diogenes of Sinope (the one with the lantern) nor the Presocratic Diogenes of Appolonia, this Diogenes was not so much a philosopher as a chronicler of Classical Philosophy. Born in the 2nd or 3rd century CE, in the town of Laerte of Cilicia (a region of Asia Minor under control of the Roman Empire at the time).

His work Philosophoi Bioi (Lives of Philosophers), is a ten volume account of the great (Greek) thinkers, from the Presocratics, to the Epicureans, written in an easy Hellenistic Greek. While the work is of marginal philosophical importance, it offers many telling, often unique anecdota re: how philosophers conducted themselves and developed their theories.

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