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Discordance Axis, New Jersey's premier grindcore band, formed in 1992 with Jon Chang on vocals, Rob Marton on guitar, and Dave Mitte on drums. Several other people have filled in on tours:

Their shows started with only a handful of their friends in the audience, but over the years they managed to build a sizable cult following.

For the most part, Discordance Axis shows in the United States were few and far between. All large tours took place in Japan where they were well received because extreme music was just exploding there (with such great acts as Gore Beyond Necropsy, Merzbow, and Melt Banana.) At the same time in the US, few people were interested in fast music.

In May of 2001 Discordance Axis played their final show at CBGB's.

Discordance Axis were either brilliant and thought provoking or artsy fartsy and pretentious, either way they will definitely have a lasting impact on grindcore.


The Official Discordance Axis website: http://www.studio-grey.com/da/

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