Dis*pos"al (?), n. [From Dispose.]


The act of disposing, or disposing of, anything; arrangement; orderly distribution; a putting in order; as, the disposal of the troops in two lines.


Ordering; regulation; adjustment; management; government; direction.

The execution leave to high disposal. Milton.


Regulation of the fate, condition, application, etc., of anything; the transference of anything into new hands, a new place, condition, etc.; alienation, or parting; as, a disposal of property.

A domestic affair of great importance, which is no less than the disposal of my sister Jenny for life. Tatler.


Power or authority to dispose of, determine the condition of, control, etc., especially in the phrase at, or in, the disposal of.

The sole and absolute disposal of him an his concerns. South.

Syn. -- Disposition; dispensation; management; conduct; government; distribution; arrangement; regulation; control.


© Webster 1913.

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