Disraeli Gears is the second album by 1960s blues-rock power trio, Cream. The title of the album comes from a roadie who mispronounced derailleur gears, when he was having a conversation with the band members about a bicycle. "Disraeli" may also be a reference to the 19th century British prime minister. The album features a psychedelic hard rock sound which made it very innovative for it's time. The albums psychedelic cover was designed by Martin Sharp, who also co-wrote, "Tales of Brave Ulysses".


1. Strange Brew

2. Sunshine of your love

3. World of Pain

4. Dance the Night Away

5. Blue Condition

6. Tales of Brave Ulysses


8. We're Going Wrong

9. Outside Woman Blues

10. Take It Back

11. Mother's Lament

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