One of the better cartoons on TV as well as a comic book about two lab mice, one a genius, the other insane, that attempt to gain world domination nightly, but fail due to any number of reasons, including stupidity, oversight, Brain's arch-nemesis, Snowball, or the rather attractive-and-distracting Billie. Produced by Warner Brothers Animation and is a spinoff of the Animaniacs cartoon, both produced by Steven Spielberg.

A few interesting Pinky and the Brain facts...

The first time Brain ever asked Pinky "Are you pondering what I'm pondering?", Pinky responded with, "I think so Brain, but then I'd have to know what pondering means, wouldn't I?".

Brain was the ruler of the Earth at the time it was destroyed by a meteor. Everyone had moved to Chia Earth for the free t-shirts.

How Pinky got his name: Brain said the name Pinky, and Pinky responded. Brain asked Pinky how he knew that was his name, and Pinky replied, "Well I responded, didn't I?".

Some times when Brain actually took over the world, though for a short time:
Pinky had a birthday party for Brain at Chunky Cheesy and got the leaders of all the world's major countries to give up their countries to Brain as a birthday present.
Pinky traded his soul to the devil in exchange for Brain ruling the world.
Pinky and Brain broadcast their production of their very sad movie called "Brain's Song", which resulted in all the leaders of the world being so depressed that they gave their countries to Brain.

Pinky was actually pondering the same thing as Brain twice. Once was when he was temporarily turned intelligent, and the other time was when they were both pondering how small the chances of them pondering the same thing actually were.

Pinky's parents aren't very intelligent, and Pinky's sister is an empty spool of thread.

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