Sex act in which a member of either gender performs fellatio on a male until he ejaculates, at which time the fellater kisses the fellatee, depositing the ejaculate into his mouth.

On a personal note, blech.::shudder::

I don't know if its an international thing, but here in South Africa, you get a cake called a Snowball sold mostly at bakeries and cafes. It is basically a ball made of two domes, slightly pyramidized, and stuck together with jam or icing (I prefer the icing myself), and coated with some kind of sugary red substance on which dessicated coconut is sprinkled liberally. It is quite tasty, and I used to go nuts for these when I was younger. Now that I'm older and stupider, I don't eat them.

Extremely useful weapon in the winter months, if you live in a climate that is compatible with snow. The proper construction of a snowball requires semi-wet snow (Also known as Packing Snow). Any more wet results in a painful Slushball, any less results in instant deterioration of the snowball upon launch. With just the right mix of water and snow, the snowball becomes a fun weapon. Unless, that is, you want to injure someone.

Another take on what a snowball is, could be the name for the end of fall/beginning of winter dance that happens at many high schools around the United States. I cannot speak for foreign countries, but in the United States, the dance is very popular among high schoolers.

The dance is not a formal dance, as a simple pair of flat front or pleated slacks and a dress shirt with tie, will do. A corsage is usually not necessary, however those with a high maintenance girlfriend may want to reconsider this tradition.

A character on Pinky and the Brain.

One day, the scientists at the lab brought in a new lab mouse, her name was 'Snowball.' Brain fell head over heals in love, then found himself asking Pinky for help in wooing her, since she had something like Pinky's IQ. Pretty funny, as the Brain had to say stuff like 'Narf'

"Say Narf!"
"No, Pinky, I'll never say such a stupid word"

He later said it, and she started to like Brain over Pinky, who she initially liked because he wasn't as geeky.

Then the next day, the scientists somehow zapped her with the same experiment used on the brain, and she suddenly became smarter than Brain, able to do math problems in seconds that he did in a month. Now, Pinky and the Brain must compete with Snowball in a race to take over the world. She's now an archnemesis.

A pig in George Orwell's book Animal Farm. The more respectable of the two likely leaders, (the other being Napoleon,) it was his honesty and trust that was his downfall in the end.

He introduced the system of government on the farm and was the intellectual force behind the Battle of the Cowshed, and also the windmill. He would spend his time engrossed in his maths and the workings of the windmill, and did not take measures to protect himself and the rest of the farm from Napoleon, and so was driven out.

He represents an alternative system to the way the farm turned out under Napoleon's control. He also represents Trotsky, (Lev Davidovich Bronstein,) a figure of the Russian Revolution who Lenin planned to take control after he died, had he not been murdered by one of Stalin's henchmen by a pickaxe to the head.

A Snowball is also a drink, which should be in every professional bartender's repertoire.



Put some ice into a highball glass, and pour the Advocaat over it. Fill the glass with cold lemonade, and garnish with the lemon slice.

For a slightly simpler version you can replace the lemonade with Sprite or something similar.

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Popular warm-weather treat in the Baltimore area. A snowball is identical in composition to the snow cone familiar around most of North America, but the ice and syrup reside in a regular cup, rather than the soggy-prone, unrestable, Coney Islandesqe paper cones that inhibit snow cone enjoyment elsewhere.

Snowballs are usually sold at small, roadside stands, and occasionally out of an entrepreneur's freezer-equipped truck. It's a good business while it lasts - my brother paid most of his law school tuition by driving around the city's neighborhoods in the summer and dispensing snowballs to the eagerly waiting locals. The customer can choose from several cup sizes and a (usually) wide variety of flavors.

Flavoring is provided by an array of brightly and unnaturally colored sugar syrups. A snowball is usually a one-flavor, one-color deal, but for a few cents extra most vendors will honor a request for a combination of two or more. The bright coloring of the syrups allows for some striking visual effects.

The traditional Baltimore-style snowball consists of rather coarsely crushed ice. Some stands sell the "Hawaiian" variety, made of shaved ice instead. Its texture is a good approximation of actual snow. Hawaiian snowballs sometimes go by the alternate moniker "Caribbean." The nomenclature of these shaved ice snowballs seems to depend on the ethnicity of the neighborhood's residents.

Most snowballs go untopped, but the overwhelming favorite with those who do choose to top their snowballs is marshmallow, the viscous stuff that often adorns ice cream sundaes. Chocolate syrup is occasionally used, but it just doesn't seem to work that well.

There used to be a few semi-legitimate snowball stands that would sell you an alcohol-enhanced "X-rated" snowball, but I haven't seen any of those since when I was far too young to buy any but the innocuous "G-rated" cups.

A Snow Ball is also a device used to get shy people out onto the dance floor at Middle School and High School dances. A song is started with only one couple starts dancing. Then after a certain period of time, or on a certain signal, the couple splits off and both people go and find a different partner. Then, after a similar interval has passed, each of the two new couples splits up again and everyone goes to find new partners. This continues until the song ends or everyone in the room is dancing with someone. Snowballs are generally used near the beginning of a dance, or when people (generally those nominally in charge) decide that there’s not enough action on the dance floor.

Snow"ball` (?), n.


A round mass of snow pressed or roller together, or anything resembling such a mass.

2. Bot.

The Guelder-rose.

Snowball tree Bot., the Guelder-rose. <-- a snowball's chance in hell, [Colloq.] no chance; an infinitesimal chance. -->


© Webster 1913.

Snow"ball`, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Snowballed (?); p. pr. & vb. n. Snowballing.]

To pelt with snowballs; to throw snowballs at.


© Webster 1913.

Snow"ball`, v. i.

To throw snowballs.

<-- 2. To increase in magnitude with accelerating momentum, achieving large proportions; -- by analogy with a snowball rolling down a steep hill, causing a large snow slide. -->


© Webster 1913.

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