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fellatio: erotic stimulation by sucking [from Latin, fellare] of the penis with the lips, mouth, tongue, and throat, by a partner of either sex, as a part of normal loveplay, and possibly inducing orgasm. stimulation of the penis by taking it into the mouth, possibly to the point of orgasm. The partner may be of either sex. Not a paraphlia, It is considered a normal part of love play.

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A strict dictionary definition of “fellatio” tells us that it is “Oral stimulation of the penis” (dictionary.com). However, such a clinical description does much to downplay the finer points of the time-honored craft that is fellatio.

When preparing to commence fellatio, it is a good idea to carefully draw your lips over your teeth. This will help guarantee that your dental units have no contact with the tender flesh of your partner’s pulsing manhood. Instead, he will feel only the soft caress of your lips and tongue.

One common technique is known as deep throat. In this procedure, the person performing fellatio (the “active partner”) takes his or her partner’s penis beyond the uvula and into the actual throat. This enhances the experience for the fellatio recipient because the entire penis is surrounded by warm, moist tightness. Of course, the same effect can be achieved without any need for deep throat, if the penis is less than about four inches long.

There are a wide variety of additional ways in which to stimulate your man during oral sex. The successful employment of them will depend on your partner’s particular tastes. Many guys like to have their balls stimulated, either with the tongue or with gentle digital manipulation. Some guys enjoy being anally fingered during fellatio, while others will freak out if you try this (even though they have prostates just like every other man). And in between those two hot spots, don’t forget about the perineum. This is the nerve-rich region between the scrotum and the anus, sometimes also called the taint (because “’Tain’t your balls and ‘tain’t your ass). It can be stimulated, as everything else, via the tongue or the fingers. Try each of these methods, as subtly as possible, and focus on his vocal and physical cues to see what he enjoys. Your man will thank you for your efforts.

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